A little about the reading you are to have:




·         All that we will be doing while reading the Tarot, is reading the energies.

·         I believe I am also guided by 'spirit' another energy form, but will never presume to tell anyone else what to believe.

·         Every reading is a ritual.

·       The ritual will begin, I will ask you at one point during the ritual to cut the deck with your left hand and in doing so you will transfer your energies into the cards long enough for me to read for you.

·         The reading you will have is a 10 card Celtic Cross 3 month general reading unless other wise specified.

               What the Tarot will tell you: 

·        The tarot will say, 'this is the position you are on now, if you carry on on your current path, then the 10th card will be the likely outcome."

·        If the outcome can be made better the cards will give you an idea of what you can do to improve the situation.

·        If everything is fine the cards will tell you that you are doing everything correctly and you are to carry on the way you are.

·        Please remember we all make decisions or others make decisions that can affect and change our futures minute by minute. The tarot is there to help you make those decisions.



               The Celtic Cross Reading:

·         Cover: This is the main subject matter.

·         Cross: This is something that is getting in the way, it may seem like its to your advantage but is in actual fact not.

·         Crown: This is your mind in the situation, what is or should be dominating your thoughts.

·         Beneath: The beneath card is every aspect of your life, it is your home life, your social life, your love life, your work life, it is your basis.

·         Behind: The behind card is the recent past, however if it is a picture card it can represent a person who is behind you 100%.

·         Before: This is the immediate future as the present stands now.

·         Self: This is you in the situation.

·         The House: This is your home life.

·         The Hopes and Fears: This is what you want and what could be changed to make things better.

·         The Outcome: This is the likely outcome if you carry on on your current course, this naturally can be changed by the making of decisions.

·         We are legally bound to advise you that Tarot is for entertainment purposes only.

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