Discussion # 1: Being A Pagan and Halloween

Whether you call the 31st of October, Halloween, All Hallows Eve or Samhain it is the biggest Sabbat in the Pagan calendar.  I am teaching my coven to study and to develop their belief systems based on what they feel comfortable with believing.
The Aurora Chandra Coven is following the old religion and not neo-paganism, which is more commonly known as Wicca.
So let's look at what some of these terms mean.

I find it intriguing that no two definitions of Paganism appear to be the same. I was brought up to understand that a Pagan is a person who studies other religions and beliefs and takes from them what they feel comfortable with, in this way developing their 'own' belief system.
A Pagan also practises Magic and in so doing is also called a Witch.

A witch is a practitioner of magic, nothing more nothing less. However, if you do an online search for the definition, you will be led to believe that all witches are evil, this is not the case.

Magic: Is the manipulation of energy to cause an effect, for good or bad.

Energy: The life force that drives the body also known as the soul. There are many forms of energy, a Healer channels 'Universal Energy' to enable them to heal. Electricity is a form of visual energy.

Witchcraft: The art of practising 'Magic.'

Healer: Someone who channels energy to heal another living creature.

Wicca: Modern or 'neo' Paganism, see the works of Gerald Gardner for more information.
Wiccan: The following of the Wiccan Rede (doctrine) as published by Gerald Gardner in the 1950's.  'The Old Laws,' are the laws that govern Wiccan Covens.

Coven: A group or meeting of Pagan's commonly associated as a meeting of Witches.

Is the Pagan festival or 'Sabbat' concerned with connecting with spirits, the day when the veil between the living and the dead is at it's thinnest.

Sabbat: Pagan festivals. I can't seem to find the proper definition online, as they all seem to say it's a neo-pagan religious festivals which when considering neo-paganism has only been around since the 1950's, and the term 'Sabbat' has been around since the middle ages is really a bit silly.

We will be looking at 'Sabbat's' in upcoming blogs.

The Aurora Chandra Coven is based in South Wales and their Facebook page is here:

The Aurora Chandra Coven

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